Go Biobased!

Dawn of Biobased Products

Already, a number of biobased chemicals used to produce biobased products are available in the market.  Production efficiencies will make these materials favored over the next few years.  Browse our site to learn more about these ecomaterials.

What are some benefits of biobased products?

The main advantage of biobased products stems from their ability to replace petroleum based products. By minimizing petroleum use, environmental hazards and greenhouse gases can be reduced. The use of sustainable resources allows for a more dependable solution to the problem of resource depletion. It also aids in the reduction of waste production. Because some processes involve carbon fixation, greenhouse gases can be greatly reduced and further production can be minimized.

Aside from the environmental advantages of biobased products, there are economic advantages. As petroleum prices rise, biobased resources remain consistent. This allows for a sustainable economy in resources. Also, the need to design, build, and manage production plants stimulates job growth. The agriculture industry will be greatly stimulated due to the rising need for resources. Collection services will also be required. Transportation and storage of these materials may be another economic benefit. Also, with a decreased need for petroleum, foreign purchases can be minimized. The mass production of materials will result in an abundance of product which can be sold internationally. The opening and exploitation of international trade based on bioproducts further stimulates the local economies. Overall, the economic impact of biobased products will be positive.

These materials are considered renewable and offer lower environmental risk during production and use.